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At CrossFit Ridzo we have multiple different class offering to fit all of your fitness needs.  We strive to be well rounded and provide our members with a full spectrum of ancillary offerings in order to improve and maintain all areas of fitness.

If you are interested in Personal Training please visit Invictus Sports Performance at .


At CrossFit Ridzo we are different from your ordinary gym and gym membership. We believe that true fitness is about more than just a good sweat. At Ridzo, you will find the most experienced coaches, an emphasis on safe, consistent, functional movement patters and workouts that are tailored to meet the needs of every member; regardless of age or ability. 

We you come into Ridzo, the only thing we expect from you is a willingness to learn and challenge yourself. If you show up with a motivation and desire to better yourself each day, we will meet you with a warm and welcoming community, fostering the best atmosphere to achieve your goals. We will provide personal instruction, coaching and programming (the exercise, reps, time domains etc). 


Along the way you’ll get to see firsthand what the Ridzo Community is. It’s hard to describe on a website but community has always been at the root of what we believe. You’ll have a built-in friend group cheering you on. You might not just find friends in fitness, you may discover family. 


L.i.F.E. 55+


Introducing our Longevity In Functional Exercise (L.I.F.E.) program. This class will prove that everyone is a candidate to improve their quality of lives through the CrossFit methodology. This class will meet on Mondays at 3pm, and Thursday’s at 2pm. Class is $60/month. This program will focus on quality of life, mobility and longevity.


We want the opportunity to help and make a difference, so we are offering the first 2 classes FREE!

Contact us today to get signed up! “


BarBell Club

We believe that everyone from beginner to expert can benefit from performing the Olympic Weightlifting movements; the Snatch, Clean and Jerk. With this program, these seemingly challenging lifts can be executed with the fluidity and grace of a world-class athlete. We believe training the Olympic lifts not only improves your speed, balance, accuracy and coordination, but it also improves your focus and ability to overcome fear. 

This program breaks down the Olympic lifts into easily digested segments, so that members can perform these movements safely and efficiently. Barbell strength training is one of the top prescriptions for strength, health, aging and performance. There are a few things in life that you would not want to be strong for. Like fighting illness, recovering from and preventing injury, or performing any number of daily physical and mental tasks. Being strong has a direct impact on your life, and stronger is always better.


Barbell Club is available to both drop in and monthly recurring memberships.  No other membership is required to participate in Barbell Club.

Start getting stronger today!.



Flexibility and strength go hand in hand.  Obtaining greater mobility helps with increasing strength, unleashing greater power, and recovering from all types of workouts.  This makes Yoga and CrossFit a perfect pairing for deeper squats, better overhead movements and all around mobility.


CrossFit Ridzo offers Yoga classes to members in order to provide a well rounded offering to all athletes on a weekly basis. 


Join us for Yoga Tuesday nights to get your "om" on! 

CrossFit Gymnastics Clinic


Looking to get that first muscle up?  Need help stringing toes to bar?  Looking to learn how to kip or butterfly?  Need some expert advice to get hand stand push ups or hand stand walks?

Come join our CrossFit Gymnastics Clinic.  This class is offered monthly and will help you move your gymnastic abilities forward.


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